Hunting Accessories

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Scopes / Nightvision

Q-Rare-O Market carries a variety of scopes, sights, reflex sights, red/green dot scopes, and night vision. Night vision has become more affordable. Thermal is most expensive followed by GEN 3, GEN 2, and Digital. Many brands of Digital Scopes are available, the easiest to use is called a Photon XT, It comes either in a 4.6 or 6.5 magnification. Many people invest in a handheld thermal imager because it's easier to view through while trying to scan an area to locate the animal being hunted at night than a weapon mounted scope.  An advantage of either a thermal or digital scope is that they also can be used during the day without harm to the scope. GEN 3 or GEN 2 are made for nighttime use. We stock several brands but can order any brand that might fit your needs.

Wild Game Processing

   Q-Rare-O Market stocks Hen & Rooster, Case, Buck, Gerber, and Mora knives. Remington is stoocked for a moderate priced pocket knife. Hunting and fishing knives and tactical style knives are always in stock.

We can order any brand you wish, if we don't have the special one you are interested in.



   We now carry a complete line of Weston Realtree Outfitters comercial line of wild game preparation tools. Their line offers vacuum sealers, meat grinders (both manual & electric), meat tenderizers, jerky guns, hamburger presses, meat slicers, casings, freezer paper, freezer bags, vacuum bags in all sizes, and aprons. The real advantage of this line is that every tool comes with a zippered realtree case for storage. These cases keep unwanted bugs from making nests in your equipment in the off season! Check out all Weston products at our store.

         AR Accessories

       Blinds and Feeders

      Handgun Accessories

A wide variety of accessories are available from Armorer's tools, Tactical low profile flip up sights, drop in triggers, offset rail mounts, sling adaptors, quad rail handguns, Magpul B.A.D. levers, tactical pistol grips, folding grips, recoil pads, golf ball launchers, slings, reflex sights, red/green dot scopes, tactical 4x & 6x power scopes and many more options to personalize your AR. We also carry many lower kits, spare parts kits, springs, pins, stripped lowers. charging handle extenders, adjustable buttstocks, buffer tubes, uppers, barrels and most every other piece on an AR 15 or AR 30.

  We stock the complete line of Lehman feeders and their 5'x7' insulated blinds w/either 4' or 8' ladder supports. The line is worth stopping by and making a comparision.

We also carry Capsule Game Feeders that uses proven, auger-driven technology which makes it impossible for varmints to steel feed. Not only will your feed bill be cut significantly, but you'll spend less money on gas traveling to fill feeders. Varmints can spin wheel but no feed is lost like a gravity feeder. Prior to us replacing our feeders with Capsule Game Feeders, we would witness hogs under gravity feeders at night with a racoon flicking the spinner.

Handgun accessories include different grip options from factory versions to aftermarket choices, holster (both concealable and belt types), glow in dark pistol sights, holographic reflex sights, extended mags, pistol scopes, assortment of rails, scope rings, replacement barrels, threaded barrels, replacement triggers, replacement springs, and we have access to many replacement parts for older guns handguns that are no longer in production.

  Many different sizes of targets from anatomy type to splattering targets, exploding targets. For safety consider  gun vaults with fingerprint recognition, so that only you or spouse can access, gun vaults that also can be used for other valuables.